Food Moxie

Food Moxie, aka Weavers Way Community Programs (WWCP) was formed by Weavers Way in 2007 to assist with the non-profit work to meet members’ goals, such as teaching children and adults about healthy food, understanding where food comes from, and learning gardening.

Today, Food Moxie provides youth and families with experiential learning focused on connecting ourselves to the food system, to the earth and to one another. We support people to grow, prepare, cook, eat and identify local food and plants to increase individual and collective wellbeing. Our small scale urban agriculture programs in NW Philadelphia provide land connection, gardening, farming, nutrition, culinary arts and mutual aid access and education. We have three main growing spaces that feature gardening, farming and culinary arts education programs at:

W.B Saul Agricultural High School in Roxborough

Martin Luther King High School in East Germantown

Stenton Family Manor (an emergency housing shelter for families) in East Germantown


From seed to supper, Food Moxie educates and inspires people to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food.


Food Moxie envisions a world where all people have access to the skills and resources to grow, cook, and enjoy healthy food.

What We Do

We build healthy communities by connecting people to the earth and their food, as well as to themselves and one another.

How We Do It

We partner with schools and community organizations to activate educational growing spaces that offer experiential learning in gardening, farming, nutrition, and culinary arts. We encourage our partners to engage with our growing spaces in ways that meet their individualized needs. We also provide the tools and resources necessary to inspire our communities to grow and cook at home.

Why We Do It

We envision a vibrant and healthy world where all people have skills and resources needed to grow, harvest, cook, and prepare food their own way. We believe that food should be celebrated, and that individual and community health increases when people make growing and cooking part of their lives.

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