Shop Bulk at the Co-op

 Bulk is so simple — and makes so much sense. Take spices, for instance. So many of us got into this habit of buying new containers of spices that we didn’t bother to empty into the old ones. Next thing you know, there are two gingers and three paprikas, including one that goes back two generations. But with bulk, you fill your little bag or bottle with what you need, and bring it back when you need more. 

In addition, shopping bulk reduces waste, especially when you re-use containers.


How to Shop Bulk

1. Select your container.

2. Weigh your container while empty. This is the container's "tare." By weighing the container empty, you avoid paying for the container's weight and instead pay only for the bulk product.

3. Write that "tare" on your container.

4. Select your bulk item and fill up your container!

5. Write the product number on your container. This is also called the "PLU." You'll find this number on the product's shelf tag or on the bulk bin. You can also access the PLU / Product lists below.

6. Ask our bulk staff for help if you need anything!

7. Check out and enjoy your bulk purchases.

8. Learn more about sustainability, zero-waste shopping and more from our Plastic Reduction Task Force Committee.


Bulk Product Lists


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