Weavers Way's Product Philosophy Statement

(We're in the process of updating our Product Philosophy. Please see the revised Product Philosophy here.)

Weavers Way Co-op strives to uphold a variety of principles in making decisions about what products to purchase for resale to our members. Because we are owned and operated by consumer-members, our product philosophy reflects the diversity of our membership. The philosophy which underlies our buying decisions might best be described as one of healthy eclecticism. While we strive to appeal to the broadest demographic base, our decisions about which products to purchase are also informed and guided by our responsibility to maintain a fiscally sound operation. When and where possible, the following guidelines support our buying decisions at Weavers Way:

  • We are committed to providing products for which we have full nutrition and source information and to providing this information to our members.
  • We purchase products which are cooperatively or collectively produced.
  • We buy products which are locally and/or regionally produced and which support the local economy.
  • We buy products from independent suppliers and producers and from small business owners.
  • We are committed to buying the freshest products available.
  • We offer products at cost savings to members.
  • We provide choices for our members and offer product alternatives (e.g., organic vs. nonorganic, gourmet/specialty vs. value-priced, bulk vs. packaged/processed).
  • We purchase eco-friendly products which do not adversely affect the environment; we avoid purchasing products which have been proven detrimental to human health or the environment.
  • We attempt to buy products from businesses which support conditions of shared wealth and which do not exploit workers.