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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a method of food distribution that links customers directly to the farmer. Customers pay upfront to purchase a “share” of the farm before the growing season starts, providing farmers with cash to pay for seeds and supplies and guaranteeing a market for the produce.

But Henry Got Crops is more than just a CSA — we grow food for the community while also providing educational opportunities for Saul High School students. Located on the campus of the W.B. Saul High School for Agricultural Sciences, the farm is managed by Weavers Way staff in collaboration with Saul students and teachers. The nonprofit Weavers Way Community Programs provides farm education curriculum and hands-on farming experience, teaching students about small-scale, sustainable vegetable production and distribution.

By buying a share in the Hnery Got Crops CSA, you are supporting agricultural education while sharing the risks and benefits of small-scale, local agriculture.

During the season, shareholders come to the farm once a week to collect their share of that week’s harvest. They gain an understanding of seasonality and an appreciation for a wide range of vegetables.

Click here to see photos from our 2015 CSA!

What makes us different from other CSAs?

  • We are an educational farm at a high school, and students are involved in growing the food.
  • We grow in the city.
  • All the produce comes from the two Weavers Way Farms; we do not buy in.
  • We are part of a food co-op that is proud to have farmers on staff.


How do I get my share?
We offer pickup times at the farm twice a week — Tuesday from 2-7 p.m., and Friday from 2-6 p.m. We do not offer delivery; we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a weekly visit to the farm!

We will have the vegetables ready for you, laid out on a table, like at a farmers market. A chalkboard will explain how much of each vegetable to take. Shareholders provide their own bags and containers. There will always be a CSA shareholder on duty to help you with your pickup.

How big will a share be?
Shares come in two sizes. A small share generally consists of 5-6 units of vegetables and is recommended for two people. A large share consists of the same vegetables but is twice as large (10-12 units) and is recommended for four people. A unit is similar to what you would typically buy at a grocery store — for instance, one unit could be a bunch of carrots or a head of lettuce.

I’m a Weavers Way member. Does my discount count towards my share?
If you are a current working member, you can choose the working member discount when you purchase your CSA share. Your household’s work hours apply to the farm as well, so if you have hours to work, you can always sign up for shifts at the farm.

I go on vacation in the summer. What do I do if I will miss my pickup day?
You are always welcome to send a friend or family member to get your share.  Please be sure to give your replacement a quick rundown of what to expect (where to park, when to arrive, how to sign in, what to bring, etc.). All CSA members are welcome to follow us on Facebook, and you can use that page to see if another member will switch pickup days with you. Or you can request that we donate your share, and it will be sent home with a happy Saul High School student.

I’ve heard people get weird produce in CSAs like rutabagas and dandelion greens. What if I don’t like what’s in my share?
That’s part of the fun! We send out a weekly newsletter letting you know what will be in your share, complete with recipes. We also host workshops on canning so you can save the abundance of tomatoes for winter.If you still don’t want your rutabagas, we offer a swap box at the end of the pickup table where you can trade an item, one-for-one.

Because we distribute everything we harvest, we cannot let shareholders substitute their favorite items for ones they like less from the bins on the pickup table. We calculate how many carrots you can take by dividing the total number of carrots that we have by the total number of shareholders. So, if someone takes extra carrots, someone else will get less.

Please explain the U-Pick crops.
We have a weekly list of crops that you can pick yourself, when available. Pick-your-own crops fulfill several functions. First, they’re fun! We want to encourage you to check out the fields, meet other CSA members and experience the harvest for yourself. Also, offering some crops as pick-your-own allows us to offer you a larger share because it requires less of our labor.

I signed up for the 5%-off working share. How can I fulfill my four-hour work commitment?
(If you signed up for a working share extraordinaire or are a Weavers Way or Saul staff member or student, you do not need to fulfill these four hours.)

You can sign up for a work shift on our online work calendar with your shareholder number at members.weaversway.coop. These hours strengthen the connection between shareholders and the farm . . . and provide some much-needed help!

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