Our Stores

Food is never just food:

  • It’s sitting around a table, sharing conversation with friends.
  • It’s a cultural heritage.
  • It’s about the way food is grown: Does it help or harm the environment? Does it support or destroy the farmer who grows the food, and the community he or she lives in?

The food we eat represents our values, as well as our hopes and aspirations for our community and our region. That’s why being a member of Weavers Way Food Cooperative is so gratifying.

By the simple act of buying the food we eat, we’re supporting local farmers. We work cooperatively with each other to take control of what we eat and where it comes from. In the language of the local food movement, we are EATERS, not passive CONSUMERS.

The food at Weavers Way is the best.

Fresh local fruits and vegetables—including the truly local, from our own Co-op farms right in Northwest Philadelphia. The cheese selection is phenomenal. The dried fruits, nuts and grains in our expanded bulk sections are a great value. The coffee is organic and fair trade certified—and much of it comes from local roasters. Beautiful flowers year-round. Incredible breads from the best local bakers. The list goes on and on. Weavers Way is not a health food store. We have a wonderful selection of health foods, but we also carry an equal share of guilty pleasures and luscious indulgences.

And the shopping experience itself is wonderful.

The Mt. Airy flagship store and Weavers Way Across the Way, home to our wellness and pet supply departments, are located in the heart of Mt. Airy Village, at the intersection of Carpenter Lane and Greene Street. Mt. Airy Village has become a wonderful little retail and cultural center: home to Big Blue Marble bookstore, High Point Café, Nesting House, Philadelphia Salvage, and other local businesses.  

Our Chestnut Hill store offers a larger organic product selection, a great prepared foods department and on-site parking. Shopping along Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. 

Benefits of membership.

Weavers Way is open to the public, but there are many benefits to being a member. Our good values and great food are the most obvious. But there are other benefits, as well, like special member-only savings and services, and opportunities to impact your community. Browse through the other pages about membership to learn more. Come visit our stores and let a staff member know you’re thinking about membership.  Or sign up online!