Meet Us at Morris Arboretum May 31

Join your fellow Co-op owners for business and pleasure at the Weavers Way Spring General Membership Meeting at Morris Arboretum.

Pleasure, because there will be fine food (of course), beer tasting (!), open mic (for those who dare), but above all, the beautiful grounds of the Arboretum at the height of the season. (Some of you may remember what happened the last time we tried to hold the GMM at Morris . . .  a little thing called Hurricane Sandy? This time, the weather will be great, we promise.)

Business, because there will be reports (of course) and election results, but also breakout discussion groups focusing on issues of the most interest to Weavers Way owner-members. Contact Board President Chris Hill to nominate a topic for the meeting to take up.

Morris Arboretum is at 100 E. Northwestern Ave. in Chestnut Hill. The meeting is scheduled for 4-8:30 p.m., but our hosts have generously offered all-day free admission to the grounds with your Weavers Way ID. Watch this space for more information, including the complete agenda.