Weavers Way Community Programs

WWCP was created by the Board of Weavers Way Cooperative in 2007 as a means to expand its role in, and to positively impact, the community in which it operates.  In the years since, we have grown organically in response to community interest, fortuitous partnerships and staff capacity. Our farm and nutrition education programs have touched the lives of thousands of children, and have brought us well-deserved recognition and support. 


Weavers Way Community Programs empowers children, youth, and families with the values and knowledge to be healthy, strong, and informed through experiential activities centered on urban agriculture, nutrition, and the cooperative economy. 


Just as the cooperative business model gives people more economic power over their lives, WWCP gives people the knowledge and power to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families. 

We envision being an organization that: 

  • makes a significant difference in the nutritional lives of underserved communities in the Philadelphia region, including those living in transitional or emergency housing;
  • is a recognized advocate and champion of healthy, sustainable foods and food systems in school communities in the Philadelphia region;
  • is a respected educator of children and youth about planting, growing, harvesting and preparing food; and about cooperative farming and business skills.


We believe that access to healthy, affordable and culturally relevant food is a human right; that we can, and must, work together as a community to educate our children and neighbors about cooperative values, nutrition and the value of local, small-scale agriculture.